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Dealing With Unreasonable Requests In 2021 | Best Way To Deal With Unreasonable Requests

Hello There!

My channel is here with a new video. Today’s video is about unreasonable requests and how to respond to them.

This depends heavily on who is making the requests but a universal response to this kind of thing is remaining calm, speaking softly, putting forth great effort to reach compromise, and generally discussing the situation with love in my heart for the other person or people.

These types of requests should be handled with assertiveness and professionalism. All you need to do is depersonalize the situation. Then deal with the request with proper observation of the situation and the consequences.

After a socially acceptable answer, the best strategy is silence. Somehow we have been programmed into thinking that silence is unacceptable, and we try to find a way to justify not doing what is unreasonable. Just stand there silently looking at the person. The silence puts the responsibility on the other person.

Watch the entire video to know the details. Comment below and let us know how you deal with unreasonable requests. Feel free to share your experiences with us.

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