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How To Navigate The Office Politics | Office Politics Debunked: Dealing With Workplace Politics

This is Accent Code official by Sam Xia here with a new video. It’s an awesome video that you will definitely learn from. In this video, I discuss how you can navigate office politics, including how to win office politics and how to deal with workplace politics.

It’s sad, but the workplace can be a little like high school. There are cliques, a pecking order, and science to navigate and grow within the two. We’ll show you how!

This week’s video from The Accent Code official by Sam Xia

Sam Xia is an executive accent/communication coach. He helps first-generation international professionals to “uninstall” the thick stereotype-inducing, confidence deteriorating accents and “install” the secret accent code that influential, charismatic Fortune 50 CEOs, leaders, news anchors, and power players used in the boardroom and on the keynote stage regardless of their country of origin or gender.

He has helped hundreds of clients from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. Check out the free coaching:

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